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The Purrrfect Catery

Contrary to popular belief cats do socialise with one another. Feel assured that your cat will experience one-on-one care, pats and loves throughout the day without incident in the open plan environment.

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  • Individual accommodation will be used if required.
  • The indoor area is fully heated with chairs, cushions and other hidey holes scattered throughout the cattery.
  • The Catwalk or assault course was designed for cats with a sense of adventure and is very popular for the curious cat.
  • Cats have the freedom to roam throughout the cattery without being restricted.
  • There are sunny corners in the sun room for your cat to laze and relax.
  • Older cats are our speciality and receive particular attention that the elderly deserve.
  • We have a vet on call should we need to seek medical attention for your cat.
  • Any medication should be clearly marked on the container to correct instructions for application and frequency. This excludes diabetic cats.
  • A current vaccination certificate is essential.

Cattery Rates

Prices INCLUDE the first and last day of booking and are inclusive of GST.

1 cat $22 per day
2 cat (family) $42 per day

Full payment is required on arrival.

Payment is by cash, cheque or internet transfer. No EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities available.

For internet transfer please use the details provided. A copy of your transfer receipt is essential when checking in.

Vaccination Requirements

An up-to-date vaccination certificate is essential to board your pet.


Kittens will need to have completed all their vaccinations for boarding from 16 weeks of age.

Vaccinations must be up to: C3 for dogs and F3 for cats.

There are some nasty diseases that our cats can fall victim to. These can include:

  • Enteritis: can cause severe disease in unvaccinated kittens between 3 and 5 months of age, causes fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, liver failure and even sudden death.
  • Feline Calici Virus: causes sneezing, conjunctivitis, ulcers on the gums and tongue.
  • Feline Rhinotrachetitis: causes sneezing, depression, can lead to permanent nasal and sinus infection.

The vaccination against these three diseases is called a F3.

Vaccinations should form part of your annual check up with your vet. Your vet will provide professional advice and will advise you if a vaccination is required for your individual animal. Vaccinations reduce the chance and severity of infections and make recovery quicker.