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The Dog’otel – Our Dog Kennels

For 40 years we have been instrumental in changing the face of kennelling in the ACT and surrounding region.

Our observation of our guests and their loving owners over time has given us ideas which have enabled us to develop and improve our dog kennels to ensure a safe, loving and relaxed environment for those pets who require the same accommodation level as their owners do.

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  • Large dog kennels with in-slab heating will keep your dog warm and cosy.
  • The large exercise area will allow your dog to run, roam, smell nature’s wonders and stretch his or her legs outside of the dog kennels.
  • Our organised playgroups will let your dog play with their new friends and broaden their social skills.
  • Our home cooked meals are very popular and full of nourishment for your dog. Special diets can be catered for on vet’s specified advice only.
  • Ageing and problem pets are our specialty. We respect the elderly and pay particular attention to their needs as they grow older. If you have a problem dog, talk to us and we can try different techniques to try to help.
  • We have a vet on call should we need to seek medical attention for your dog.
  • Any medication should be clearly marked on the container to correct instructions for application and frequency.  We are unable to administer medication for diabetic dogs or cats.
  • Only dogs from the same family share accommodation in our dog kennels.
  • A current vaccination certificate is essential.

Club Pooch – “Hounds Hilton” – unit style apartments

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Our unit style apartment wing is designed for families with several dogs or dogs that are unaware they are dogs and features 7 motel style suites, each with a window and with views overlooking peaceful rural parkland. Each suite is heated and has a lounge or bed. Trampolines are provided to assist shorties or older pets.

Each unit has its own private courtyard. The gates open onto a large lawn area where your dog can enjoy individual play sessions with a staff member, or socialize with other friendly mates making sure everyone is having fun. And when play is over and cuddles are needed, they are provided on demand.

Play time is not timed or limited to certain intervals but will match the conditions and requirements of our guest.

Every day the beds are made and rooms are vacuumed and mopped .

If you would like to treat your best friend to a luxury holiday, please complete our online booking form or contact us.

Dog Kennel Rates

Prices INCLUDE the first and last day of booking and are inclusive of GST.

Please note: Our prices have changed to reflect the heating costs and updates to our kennels.
Standard Kennel Apartments
1 Dog  $35 per day Up to 2 dogs $80 per day
2 dogs (sharing) $68 per day Each additional dog $25 per day

Full payment is required on arrival.

Payment is by cash or internet transfer. No EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities available.

For internet transfer please use the details provided. A copy of your transfer receipt is essential when checking in.

Vaccination Requirements

An up-to-date vaccination certificate is essential to board your pet.


Puppies will need to have completed all their vaccinations for boarding from 16 weeks of age.

Vaccinations must be up to: C3 for dogs and F3 for cats.

The health and well being of our beloved family pets should always play an important factor for us in the care of our pets and our responsibility as pet owners.

There are some nasty diseases that our dogs can fall victim to. These can include:

  • Parvovirus: causes potentially fatal diarrhoea, particularly in pups and dogs under 2 years of age.
  • Distemper: causes coughing, diarrhoea, seizures, loss of balance and blindness.
  • Hepatitis: causes vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and liver damage.

The vaccination against these three diseases is called a C3.

Vaccinations should form part of your annual check up with your vet. Your vet will provide professional advice and will advise you if a vaccination is required for your individual animal. Vaccinations reduce the chance and severity of infections and make recovery quicker.